Learn About Workplace Bullying:

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18honoreesitebuglgWhatKilledKevin.com (Webby Award Honoree 2014 & UFVA Best Transmedia/Website) is an interactive documentary that strips back the easy rhetoric to challenge site visitors about whether or not they really know what workplace bullying is and raises important dialog that turns public perceptions upside down.

Our blog highlights new alternatives from a variety of experts in an effort to add new voices to the public discussion about workplace bullying. This blog has been cited by numerous Business sites as a “must read.”

Share Your Stories is a place that lets  you join in and share your own experience.

What is Workplace Bullying? Sadly there still isn’t a universal definition but there are general understandings. Video clips from What Killed Kevin give tips about how to deal with bullying from Valerie Cade, author of Bully Free at Work, and Brad Holland the Ombudsman at the University of Virginia.


International Educational Coalition on Workplace Bullying Our global coalition has numerous supporters representing broad aspects of the global community working to stop workplace bullying and quickly reached over 150 thousand hits in less than a year. The most popular countries represented are the U.S., Australia, Ireland, Canada and the UK.


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